AAPEX 2012

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American Airmail Society

American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors

American First Day Cover Society

American Philatelic Society

American Philatelic Congress

American Plate Number Single Society

American Revenue Association

American Society for Philatelic Pages & Panels

American Stamp Dealers Association

American Topical Association

Ann Arbor's First Postage Stamp

Audrey Hepburn Stamp Sells For Big Money

British North America Philatelic Society

Carriers and Locals Society

CartoPhilatelic Society

Christmas Seal & Charity Stamp Society

Cinderella Stamp Club

Confederate Stamp Alliance

Ebay Users Stamp Club

Federal Duck Stamp Program

German Inflation Stamps

History of US Postage Rates

Interesting Articles on Stamp

International Association of Philatelic Exhibitors

International Society of Worldwide Stamp Collectors

International Stamp News

Joint Stamp Issues

Linn's Stamp News

Meter Stamp Society

Michel Online

Michigan in Stamps

Michigan Postal History

Midwest Stamp Dealers Association

Modern US Postal History

Museum of United States Essays & Proofs

National Duck Stamp Collectors Society

Nineteenth Century Hawaii Stamp

Northwest Federation of Stamp Clubs

Old West Archaeological Study Unit

Peninsular State Philatelic Society

Philatelic Database

Post Mark Collector's Club

Poster Stamp Collector's Club

Postage Stamp Collecting Directory

Precancel Stamp Society

Problem Soaker Stamps - An Article in Linn's

Rare and Valuable Stamps

Rare Stamp Locket Up For Auction

Royal Philatelic Society, London

Scouts on Stamps Society International

Smithsonian National Postal Museum

Spellman Museum of Stamps & Postal History

Stamp Collecting Makes a Lick of Sense

Stamp Finder

Stamps on Black History

Stamps on Ebay

Stanley Gibbons

United Nations Postal Administration

United States Postal Service

US Booklets and Self Adhesives

US Cancellation Club

US Philatelic Classics Society

US Plate Number Coil Collector's Club

US Stamps Identification Guide

United States Stamp Society

Virtual Stamp Club

Whole World Collection

World's Most Expensive and Famous Stamps

World's Most Expensive Stamp Sold At Auction

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